Possession center

The winery was built in Szentbékkálla, which is  the part of the Balaton highlands  wine region which is known as the Káli Basin. The high quality wine produced here have already come to the table of the Árpád kings.

Possession Center

Grape processing, fermentation, ripening, bottling takes place here. The foundation for our winery is the implementation of high-quality wine making technology. Thus, in the case of container items, our aim is to create a more reductive environment, thus preserving the primary aromas from the grapes. These items are very rich in fragrance and flavour! Our wine with oxidative technology is ripened in 225l and 500l Zemplén oak barrels.

The opening hours of the vinoteca at the entrance to the estate center are due to the time when the work is done in the basement. Usually between 8 and 15 hours on weekdays. It is worth asking at the following phone number before buying: + 36/30 / 298-94-95